Medical City

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Project Details

Project Name: Medical City Hospital
Project Location: Multiple locations in North Texas
Project Description: Multiple story commercial medical facilities

Project Size (Gross Square Feet) and Type:

Varies by project. Some were base buildings and some finish our projects. Multiple projects in many buildings.

Owner: Medical City Healthcare

Description of Project Services Provided:

  • Test, Adjust and Balance in accordance with the Associated Air Balance Council procedures: Chilled Water Booster Pump, Fan, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Variable Air Volume Devices.
  • Laboratory areas include vent hoods designed to remove fumes and harmful gases. These require careful and often unique testing and balancing functions.
  • Operating room air quality requirements require particularly sensitive procedures and equipment that we provide in these areas.
  • Because of the extensive number of teaching/research labs and associated fume hoods, these areas incorporate a sophisticated exhaust system that insures safe exhaust and fresh air exchange. These require unique test and balance procedures.

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