Air Quality & Building Testing Services

Our dedicated team offers air quality testing and building services in North Texas. Utilizing the latest techniques and cutting-edge equipment, we specialize in assessing and monitoring a variety of systems within a building infrastructure. From the initial design stages to after-maintenance, you can rely on AET as your trusted partner in ensuring compliance, performance, and safety for your project.

HVAC Test, Adjust & Balance (TAB)

Ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your HVAC systems with our comprehensive Test, Adjust, and Balance (TAB) services. Our certified engineers and technicians use the latest calibrated equipment to meticulously test and balance air and water flows and verify control operations. The result is a tuned HVAC system that adheres to design intent, delivers environmental comfort and operates without disruption.
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Commissioning Services

Our commissioning services oversee the entire process of system operation in buildings. From verifying system installations to supervising functional performance testing, we ensure your HVAC and ventilation and related systems meet industry standards and comply with codes. Our comprehensive documentation and long-term maintenance plans assure the longevity and efficiency of your systems.
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System Special Inspections & Testing

Our special inspection and testing services cover a range of critical systems, including kitchens and exhaust hoods, laboratory setups, and medical facilities (isolation/operating rooms). Our certified technicians employ rigorous testing and inspection procedures on every system. With over 30+ years of experience, our team takes every precaution to validate compliance with the latest safety procedures, regulations, and operational standards.
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Exhaust & Pressurization System Testing

We specialize in ensuring the safety of stairwells and elevator chases by certifying pressurization, testing, and certification processes. Additionally, our expertise extends to exhaust, circulation, and supply system pressurization, testing, and certification. Trust us to ensure safety compliance with building and fire codes in various applications.
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Air Duct Testing

Ensure the integrity and efficiency of your ductwork with our air duct testing services. Our certified technicians utilize advanced testing procedures to identify and address any issues in your duct systems. From air leaks to pressure imbalances, we ensure that your ductwork meets the highest standards, promoting energy efficiency and maintaining optimal indoor air quality.
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Building Testing Questions

Why is HVAC Test, Adjust, and Balance (TAB) crucial for building systems?

HVAC Test, Adjust, and Balance (TAB) services play a pivotal role in optimizing building systems, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency. Our certified engineers meticulously examine and balance air and water flow within HVAC systems to guarantee each component functions as intended. This process not only enhances overall comfort within the building but also promotes energy efficiency, thereby reducing long-term operational costs. By fine-tuning the system’s performance, TAB contributes to a healthier indoor environment and prolongs the lifespan of HVAC equipment.

How do commissioning services differ from traditional HVAC testing?

Commissioning services go beyond the scope of traditional HVAC testing by overseeing the entire lifecycle of building systems. From the initial verification of installations to supervising functional testing, commissioning ensures that the HVAC and related systems complies with industry standards. Our comprehensive approach includes detailed documentation and the development of maintenance plans, providing long-term assurance of system efficiency and reliability. Through commissioning, we aim to not only meet immediate performance requirements but also to deliver sustained, optimal performance over time.

What systems are covered in your special inspection and testing services?

Our special inspection and testing services encompass a wide range of critical building systems. This includes thorough inspections and testing of kitchens, exhaust hoods, laboratory setups, and medical facilities, which include isolation and operating rooms. By offering specialized inspections, we contribute to the overall safety, functionality, and regulatory compliance of these critical building components.

Why is exhaust and pressurization system testing important for building safety?

Exhaust and pressurization system testing holds paramount importance in ensuring the safety of building occupants, particularly during emergencies. We conduct meticulous testing and certification of stairwell and elevator chase pressurization, along with comprehensive assessments of building exhaust, circulation, and supply systems. These services are essential to assure compliance with building and fire codes, preventing smoke infiltration, and promoting safe evacuation. By prioritizing the integrity of these systems, we enhance overall building safety and emergency preparedness.

How does duct testing contribute to overall system efficiency and indoor air quality?

Air duct testing is a crucial component in our commitment to enhancing overall system efficiency and indoor air quality. Our certified technicians utilize advanced testing procedures to identify issues such as air leaks and pressure imbalances within the ductwork. By addressing these issues, we not only optimize the efficiency of the HVAC system but also reduce energy waste.

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