Building Commissioning Services

Building commissioning teams, with the test and balance functions for a thorough process that examines the design, installation, testing, and verification of building systems. From the very start, commissioning makes sure everything aligns seamlessly with the owner’s project requirements (OPR). It’s more than just project management—it’s a proactive approach to guarantee that every aspect of a building operates optimally. For AET, building commissioning is the key to delivering buildings that stand out for their efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

The North Texas Imperative for Commissioning

In North Texas, where the diverse landscape poses challenges for buildings, commissioning is integral for effective building management. Prevalent issues such as duct leakage, heating and cooling inefficiencies, and lighting concerns are addressed through our commissioning services. The result is sustainable buildings, leading to reduced operating expenses and decreased energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

With our team at Facility Performance Associates, we ensure collaboration and unbiased expertise in commissioning services. With a focus on integrated testing, we ensure every system functions harmoniously. This approach goes beyond mere oversight and instead delivers functional buildings that promise long-term cost savings and minimized operational issues.

Types of Building Commissioning Services

New Building Commissioning

This type of commissioning specializes in quality assurance for new buildings, starting from the design phase and extending through construction, occupancy, and operations in North Texas. Our commitment ensures that new buildings seamlessly align with the owner’s vision, operating efficiently and effectively.

Reshaping Existing Spaces: Retro-Commissioning

This type of commissioning focuses on transforming the performance of existing buildings.. Through retro-commissioning, we optimize equipment, systems, and maintenance procedures. This involves correcting issues from design or construction and breathing new life into aging systems.

Sustaining Building Performance: Re-Commissioning

This type of commissioning expertise extends to sustaining optimal performance for experienced buildings. Whether triggered by changes in use or ownership, operational challenges, or regular maintenance needs, our re-commissioning process ensures these buildings continue to thrive long-term.

Why Choose Us for Building Commissioning?

Local Expertise

Rooted in North Texas, we understand the unique challenges and requirements the region might pose to facility systems.

Energy Efficiency Advocates

Our commitment to energy efficiency translates to optimal system performance, energy savings, and informed decision-making.

Stakeholder Collaboration

We actively engage with stakeholders at every turn to ensure expectations are not just met, but exceeded with our services.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Commissioning with us is a one-time investment yielding reduced operating costs over the life of your building in North Texas.

Comprehensive Documentation

We provide thorough documentation for maintenance requirements, guaranteeing your building’s systems for the future.

Environmental Stewardship

Our green building commissioning focuses on implementing sustainable operating practices for the North Texas environment.

Choosing us for commissioning services means choosing a partner dedicated to elevating the efficiency, sustainability, and overall performance of your building. Contact us for more information about our commissioning process and how we can optimize your building.

Commissioning Questions

What differentiates commissioning services from traditional testing and balancing?

Compared to traditional testing and balancing, commissioning services offer a more comprehensive and holistic approach to building systems. While traditional testing and balancing primarily focus on airflow and temperature control, commissioning delves deeper into system installation, functionality, and safety. It ensures that all aspects of HVAC and ventilation systems align with the specific project requirements and are optimized for long-term efficiency.

Commissioning goes beyond the basics, providing a thorough examination that extends to system performance, integration, and the overall sustainability of the building. This approach results in not just meeting industry standards but exceeding them, delivering a building that operates seamlessly and efficiently while meeting the unique goals of the project.

How does monitoring-based commissioning contribute to ongoing building operations?

Monitoring-based commissioning is a continuous process that assesses and addresses building system performance over time. It involves regularly monitoring and fine-tuning systems to maintain optimal performance during day-to-day building operations. This approach ensures sustained efficiency and minimizes unexpected issues in HVAC, exhaust, and pressurization systems.

What benefits does commissioning offer for building owners?

Commissioning is not merely an additional layer of construction or project management; it is an owner’s assurance that the planning, design, construction, and operational processes align with established goals. The long-term benefits include lower overall operating and maintenance costs, minimized construction overruns, and a more functional building throughout its lifecycle.

What types of buildings benefit from commissioning services?

To put it simply, any building can benefit from commissioning services. We provide commissioning services across a diverse range of building types, including airports, education facilities, government buildings, green buildings, medical institutions, multifamily residences, office spaces, and sports facilities.

Our commissioning expertise optimizes systems for enhanced performance, energy efficiency, and overall sustainability in each building. Whether it’s creating optimal environments in educational institutions, ensuring the efficiency of medical facilities, or maximizing energy savings in green buildings, AET tailors its commissioning services to meet the unique needs of each building type.

What role do commissioning teams play in the design and construction phases?

Our commissioning teams play a crucial role in the collaborative process, actively working with stakeholders during both the design and construction phases. Their primary goal is to ensure that building systems are smoothly integrated into construction documents, aligning precisely with the project’s requirements. By fostering open communication and coordination, our teams contribute to the seamless functioning of these systems, ensuring they meet the highest standards of efficiency and performance.

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